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Fusing Tips and Tutorials

We have included an array of information in this section to help you gain inspiration, learn something new, or otherwise assist you with your glass fusing explorations. Note that we will be adding new information to this area on a regular basis, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep current on what new information has been added.

Below you will find a number of useful tutorials covering several topics. Looking for something specific you don’t see here? We will be expanding content and welcome hearing from you about content you’d like to see covered here. Please send your emails to:

Circle Cutting
Hot Glass Combing
Using Damming Molds
Fusers’ Reserve™ Design Tips
Roll Ups
Using Iridescent Glass
Introduction to Glass Cutting

Getting off to a Great Start in Glass Fusing

This section covers some things you’ll wish someone had told you before you started fusing. Explore the links below to expand your fundamental knowledge of kilnforming processes and learn how to avoid unwanted outcomes, before they occur. These materials cover some of the most common troubleshooting issues fusers bump into.

Volume Matters
Preventing Stress