Reactive Guide

Get Reactive with Oceanside Compatible®

Glass When certain glass combinations become hot enough, they can produce an interface color, or reaction, as the ions in each adjacent glass mingle together. Two Oceanside Compatible products, Red Reactive Transparent (60-003-F), and Red Reactive Opal (60-045-F), were specifically developed to react when fused against Copper-bearing glasses, most often producing a deep reddish color where they intersect. Transparent and Opal Red Reactive formulas are also available in Accessory products.

Glasses containing Sulfur also react when fused next to Copper-bearing glasses, producing a range of different reaction levels at the interface that is sometimes much more subtle, but still distinct and interesting.

Vanilla Cream Opal (210-73S-F) is a high Sulfur content glass that is so reactive, it even changes from within. After full fusing, the interior of the glass stays its pre-fused buttery off-White color while the exterior brightens to a beautiful vivid and slightly warm White.

Understanding how to control (or avoid) reactions is a lot of fun and we encourage you to learn more. Look for classes on the subject at your favorite supplier, or upcoming glass events with one of our fantastic art glass industry instructors.

Explore the links below for further information about reactive Oceanside Compatible products. Print the following PDFs out and keep them in your studio space for easy reference.

Color Palette Reactive Charts

These charts list which Oceanside Compatible products contain chemistries that can react with one another.

Red Reactive Sampler

These charts help illustrate the color reactions you can expect when working with Oceanside’s Red Reactive Clear and Red Reactive Transparent products.