Stringers, Noodles, & Rods

We call it “Accessory Glass” but these products are often used as the artisan’s main material, so in addition to being incredibly fun to use, they can also help glass artists create unique and interesting effects in their fusing work. The current range of Oceanside Compatible™ accessory products include Frit, Stringers, Noodles, and Rods.


Spaghetti-like strands of fusible glass

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Fettuccini-like strips of fusible glass

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Pencil-thin rods of fusible glass used in fusing, blowing and torch work

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Oceanside Compatible™ Stringers

Delicate strands of color permit fine linear detail and unlimited creative design. Use straight from the tube as the main design component, or as smaller decorative elements in fused work – can also be shaped in a flame. Approximately 1.1 mm dia. x 17″ (45cm) long.

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Oceanside Compatible™ Noodles

These flat, fettuccini-like glass Noodles are about 3/16″ (4.5 mm) wide and 17″ (45cm) long. Snap them with your fingers, nip, or score and break Noodles to desired length, as straight linear design elements or bend them in a flame. Versatile, fun, and indispensable.

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Oceanside Compatible™ Rods

We manufacture our Rods to provide glassblowers and torch workers with stable color and smooth workability. Rods also provide design elements for fusing and casting applications. (See details below.) Each rod is approximately 6mm dia. x 20″ (50cm) long

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Rod Features


Blowers are able to use our Rods (cane) for color layering and linear design elements. Oceanside Compatible machine-made Rods (a.k.a., cane) provide uniform color and dependable COE at less cost than hand pulling in the studio.


Our Rods provide a dependable glass for all soft glass work, with the added benefit that finished pieces can then be incorporated into fused, cast, or blown work. The common COE shared by fusing and blowing glasses worldwide makes Oceanside Compatible Rods a natural choice.

Fusing & Casting

Our rods are a handy way to introduce a crisp linear element into your designs. Use them straight, or bend them to suit — keeping in mind your overall glass volume. Rods are also commonly nipped to create “Rod Dots” (small circles) in fusing designs.