Safety Information

Basic Glass Safety Recommendations

Safety Glasses

Always wear eye protection when cutting or nipping glass, or when next to someone nipping or cutting glass.


Most glass artists prefer not to wear gloves while actually cutting glass, but we highly recommend wearing a pair of rubber-dipped gloves when you are restocking supplies, moving larger sheets, organizing glass in your work space, or cleaning up glass shards.


When working with Frit (particularly Powder Frit), mixing kiln wash powder, or sweeping up glass (and any ensuing dust) it is recommended that you wear a Niosh approved face mask to filter out any fine particulate matter.

Glass Clean Up — Be Smart
  • Never brush glass off your work area with your hands. Keep a bench brush handy, or use your shop vac.
  • If you save remnants of unused glass, it’s safest to “square up” the pointy pieces.
  • Don’t put glass remnants into your regular trash without covering with a heavy protective wrap, so the unsuspecting trash bagger will not get cut.
  • A Shop vac is a great clean up tool to have in your studio. Use it to vacuum up tiny particles and dust residue.