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New to Fusing?

If you’re new to fusing, you’ll want to begin here. Our Getting Started with Kiln Fired Glass booklet is a comprehensive guide to learning about basic tools, stages of kilnforming, firing schedules, and best practices for successful project creation. We’ve also included resources on basic glass cutting and tools if you need instruction — or just a refresher.

What is Glass Fusing?

At its simplest, glass fusing is a process in which specially formulated compatible* glass is assembled and then melted/fused together in a kiln. The illustration to the right breaks down the basic steps required to make a colorful geometric dish by simply cutting and stacking blocks of Transparent & Opalescent color onto a glass base. To learn basic glass cutting, watch the video below. With an incredibly wide range of techniques and working methods, an interest in glass fusing can span a lifetime of exploration.

*To make sure you’re purchasing genuine tested Oceanside Compatible™ products, always ask for it by name and look for the Oceanside logo.

Getting Started with Kiln Fired Glass Booklet

"After cutting and stacking layers of compatible glass together, the project was put in a kiln and fired hot enough to melt the layers together. To form the piece into a dish, it was placed on a ceramic mold and fired a second time - just to the softening point - causing the glass to take the shape of the mold."

Getting Started with Kiln Fired Glass Booklet

Introduction to Glass Cutting

For additional fusing related information, please visit the Resources section of our site.