Oceanside Compatible® Firing Schedules

Always remember that any given firing schedule is just a starting point. Kiln styles and kiln performance (depending on age and condition) can vary. Additionally, the style, size, thickness and desired results of any given project can also present unique requirements. As you gain experience, you will likely find that you often want to adjust your firing schedules to provide the best program for the specific piece you are making. Adjusting process temperatures, hold times, and rate of rise from segment to segment in most glass kilns is quite easy.

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Basic Kilnforming Schedules

Basic Firing Schedules

Firing Schedules for Projects Thicker than 3/8 inch Firing Schedules

Firing Schedules for Thicker Projects

Re-Firing Projects

Firing Schedules for Re-Firing Projects

Torch Work and Bead Annealing

Torch-work Annealing Schedules

Dissecting a Firing Schedule

Dissecting A Firing Schedule

Kiln Log Sheets

Kiln Log (Blank) Sheet