Oceanside Sheet Glass Products

Our sheet glass is known as Oceanside Compatible™, designed and tested so that the products “fit” with each other in warm and hot glass applications. We feature an extensive range of colors and styles for any artistic endeavor, the vast majority of which are carefully tested compatible to work together as a family of “heat friendly” products.

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Type Dimension
Full Sheet 48 x 24
Half Sheet 24 x 24
Hobby Sheet 12 x 12

With the exception of our line of Baroque™ products (three offerings at this time), all of our sheet glass has been created using our fusible formulas. (Baroque is non-fusible.)

Our continuous Ribbon manufacturing process makes it possible to produce extremely consistent sheets, and our smooth line features a nearly texture-free surface known the world over for ease of cutability.

Most Oceanside glass sheets are produced to be approximately 3mm thick, with exceptions in textured products, and both Thin and Thick varieties. Sheets are provided to the market in the sizes given at left, although Distributors and Retailers may offer even more sizes.

Fusible Glass

Oceanside Compatible Fusible Glass

The Oceanside Compatible line features a comprehensive range of colors and styles, including variegated mixes, solid transparents and opals, Aventurine glasses, plus unique, exclusive products like our Spirit™ and OpalArt™— all formulated especially…

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Sheet Glass Notes

The amount of opal seen in variegated mixes pre-fused may alter in appearance or be slightly diminished after firing.

All of our fusible products are also compatible with original, authentically branded “System96®” glass products that were previously produced by Spectrum Glass®, Uroboros Glass®, and Oceanside Glass & Tile®. All accessories are tested Oceanside Compatible

Baroque™ products are not fusible